Posted by: stepsinthejourney | July 16, 2007

Healing in the form of paintings


Since May of 2006, my life has grown on all dimensions. During the first Beyond Manifestation week-end with Joe Vitale and all of the participants, I learned about Ho’oponopono. It was interesting to watch Joe, Mr. Marketer, follow the instruction given to him by Dr. Len. He was supposed to just stand up and flow with what was being given to him by the Divine. And in that first retreat, he did a pretty good job.  And he has gotten better with every new retreat.

I have been fortunate enough to be at all the retreats (Beyond Manifestation I and II, then Zero Limits I). To see the transformation of Joe over time has been fascinating. I have been a silent witness to someone who has made the choice to constantly be at Zero. He cleans and clears on a continual basis. It is now a part of the fabric of DNA. The story is the same for the others of us who have made the same commitment.

One of the other participants, who I cherish, is Aimee Perrine. We met at the first week-end retreat and I have grown to respect and love her. She has very special talents and expresses them in watercolors. Joe has written on his blog about how she was inspired to paint for him after his emergency surgery. She presented to him a watercolor of bluebonnets. He was greatly moved. With some encouragement, Aimee reproduced a limited edition of that watercolor for us.

I have that painting in my office and love to look at it throughout the day. It is a special representation of the knowledge that cleaning and clearing is a constant process in my life.

On her website, Craig, her husband, explains what her Healing Paintings contain. I was impressed with the manner in which he explains the Ho’oponopono process she used to create these paintings. I encourage you to visit and see for yourself.

Joe writes a book, Aimee paints…what will be next?

Joe Vitale and Joyce McKee

Take a look at the Book:

Zero Limits by Joe Vitale


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