Posted by: stepsinthejourney | July 12, 2007

The book – Zero Limits

On Monday I received my copy of the book, Zero Limits. There is a chapter titled The Evidence, I along with others share our stories of how Ho’opnopono has transformed our lives. Here is my story that I submitted and was published in the book, I had called it, “Overtime”

 During the past year, I took on a new role I was a caretaker. My mother left her home of many years to relocate nearer her daughters, partly because of some challenges in our lives. Shortly thereafter, my sturdy, lifelong-rock matriarch was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and small cell lung cancer. Wonderfully and gracefully, she chose to live out her remaining time with her daughters.  She decided not to pursue cancer treatment at her age, 88 years old. So the medical professionals told us she would soon be out of time in this life.

The previous May, I attended Joe Vitale’s “Beyond Manifestation” week-end and learned of Dr. Len and his Ho`oponopono practice.   I was intrigued. Hearing of the amazing results with the mentally ill criminals when he went inward to clean and clear himself impacted me greatly.


The Universe is so gracious and provides the teacher when the student is ready.  The timing was perfect. My main question that weekend, “How can I be used to help my Mother in her dying process?”


I was willing to show up and acknowledge to the Universe that I am 100% responsible for my life – all of my life, including Mother. So I used what I had learned. I went inward and constantly cleaned and cleared.


The effects for my Mother and me were simple yet exquisite. She remained clear of mind, pain-free, and able to take care of herself until the end.  Yes, there were small crisis events when she needed the drugs supplied by Hospice; yet she was able to handle these situations in the comfort of home and was not rushed to the hospital.  Those were transition-in-training moments; preparing us both for the final occasion when she would cross over to the other side.


The greatest gift was she lived on into “overtime”. She lived well past the forecasts. Each morning she was surprised to wake and greeted me with a cheery –“Guess what, I got another day!” We had time for all the words of love to be exchanged and for just casual time together. We had time to truly prepare for her transition. I came to experience fearlessness about the process of Mother leaving us. She knew where she was going and so did I. When we had those tense moments of labored breathing, we saw the Grace of God and there was no fear. Wow, what a gift!


The Ho’oponopono practice, along with my prayers changed the way I approach life.  The feeling of empowerment I experienced and still experience is wondrous.  To know that I can have an active role not only in my life, and in the lives of others leads me to constantly, moment-by-moment, seek the Source of All.


I encourage you to get the book and discover for yourself what the process can do for you.





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